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Ways you can make an impact!

Curriculum Associate

A curriculum associate is an individual who has a high level of passion and expertise in a specified field (i.e. art, stem, business, dance, music, sports, etc.) The associate works with our organization to infuse his/her skillset into our student curriculum. The associate would design and/or facilitate experiences that will enrich students in a specified field.  No experience in education is required, we will work with you to develop experiences in a way that is instructionally tailored to student learning styles. The level of commitment is to be determined on an individualized basis.

1:1 Mentor

  A 1:1 mentor is an individual who seeks to build a personal and long-term commitment with a middle school student. This individual should be able to connect with the culture of the student and provide support and encouragement. A mentor is willing to offer advice and encouragement to a student. This person should be willing to contact the student on a weekly basis, in person or through the use of technology.


 A presenter is someone who is interested in coming to speak or provide a workshop for one after-school session. Presenting topics are not limited to any specified fields or topics. Presenters are solely responsible for the content that they will present. Individuals should contact us if they are interested in presenting to students.

Academic Fellow

An academic fellow is someone who has expressed interest in the field of education and youth programming. This position is ideal for an emerging educator who is interested in starting a career in urban education. This individual should be available at least two times a week between the hours of 3pm-6pm. This individual will receive support on how to effectively provide culturally relevant experiences that enrich students academically, socially, and emotionally.  

Student Support Services

We are always looking for individuals who can help support our students during troubling circumstances. Individuals who are lawyers, therapist, social workers, or doctors who are willing to assist us in providing pro-bono advice and support to students during needed times are ideal. These individuals will only be contacted when students circumstances demand support.


A donor is an individual who can contribute monetary funds and/or items in order to make our program available to youth. EVERYONE is encouraged to donate any amount of money. We welcome donors who can invest one time, and donors who can commit to contributing on a designated basis.

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