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our scholars at city springs!

Committed to Making a Difference in School Walls

7 Sixth Grade Scholars were chosen from City Springs Elementary/Middle School to be Young Kings during their middle school journey! YKLA, students, and parents are excited for after school programming to start January 17th, 2018!

As a reminder, Young King’s Leadership Academy (YKLA) selects students based on their need for additional academic enrichment and social development, not exclusive to low performance, high performance, or behavior. We encourage a group that is academically and socially diverse! 

"I want to be in this program because I want people to stop viewing me negatively and see me as a leader, because I know deep down, I'm a leader."

-Jeremiah S. '18

"On a scale from 1-10, I want to be in this program at a 10 because I would like to become a better reader and this program seems like it would help me do that in a fun way."

-Richod J.'18

"I really think this program would be good for me because I don't have anything to do afterschool but play my game and I feel like this could make me a better student and it sounds fun!"

-DeVante S.'18

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