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COVID-19 Response

In response to the lives of our children being dramatically upset from the COVID-19 pandemic, we listened to our youth and implemented the following immediate service.


Curated Books (based on individual student ability and interest)

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, students in BCPSS had various reading levels despite being in the same grade level. Being out of classrooms exasperated this discrepancy. For this reason, we delivered students books that matched their reading level AND personal interests.

FUN FACT: 75% of our students LOVE comics!


Food Delivery

Students and/or parents who expressed need for groceries received contact-free delivery to their homes. 38% of our students expressed this need.


Culturally Responsive Teletherapy

94% of our parents and students indicated a need for mental health services. They also requested therapists that reflected their background and could build trusting relationships with. For that reason, we partnered with Hurdle so our students AND parents could access SAFE, HIGH QUALITY, PRIVATE, EASY USE, AND CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE therapy. Learn more here.


Online Differentiated Literacy Tool

All students are at different reading levels and should have access to reading material that are guaged to their interest. We utilize a learning tool that allows parents to track and monitor their child's learning activity as they juggle many other responsibilites.

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Laptop Delivery

50% of the students we serve indicated a need for a laptop and we delivered 100% of those students a laptop within 1-5 days.

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Student Center

100% of our parents indicated an interest in an in person learning space. We partnered with the Friendship Outreach Center to create a space where students could work on their school work and receive assistance.

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