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Ending the Year as A True Leader

Meet Tyrone Hart. Tyrone ended his first year in middle school by demonstrating the mark of a true YKLA leader. Tyrone showed himself and his peers that athleticism is not absent of community servitude. Tyrone ended the school year by winning the middle school's football MVP award. However, it gets better! While each student was charged with the task to develop a school/community initiative, Tyrone worked with his peers to clean the neighborhood and his school grounds. He felt that cleanliness affected the way that he felt about his school and community and became the change that he wanted to see. With young men such as Tyrone, the future for a better Baltimore is on the horizon!


A Scholar, Committed to Academic Progress.

Meet Devonte Singletary! During our first day of programming students were tested using Achieve3000's differentiated literacy tool, TeenBiz3000. Students received their scores, compared them to the levels necessary for the careers of their interest, and set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals toward reaching their highest potential. When Devonte learned that his literacy level was below grade level -like 88% of middle school students in Baltimore City Public Schools, he was determined to make a difference. Devonte stated that if he wants to fulfill his goal of becoming a Graphic Designer, he will need to increase his literacy level significantly. In only his first week of using the program, Devonte scored the most points in the state of Maryland! Yes, the entire STATE!  We are excited for even greater success in the near future!

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